The Geopolitical and the Biophysical


Dal 09 Maggio 2015 al 09 Maggio 2015


Luogo: Palazzo Franchetti

Indirizzo: Campo S. Stefano 2847

Orari: 16-18.30

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Sito ufficiale:

Conceived as an extension to Charles Lim's SEA STATE project presented at the Singapore Pavilion. This public conversation will address the possibilities and uncertainties faced by societies within and beyond the boundaries of Southeast Asia, focusing on the notion of national representation and its challenges: How are geopolitical boundaries configured and rewritten in the specific context of the Venice Biennale, and what visibility and forms of acknowledgement can such a platform offer to younger nation-states and new or imagined political entities? Such questions will be explored through a focus on three Southeast Asian countries participating in the Venice Biennale 2015: Singapore, The Philippines, and Indonesia. The conversation will extend the discussion to the presentations of Hong Kong, India & Pakistan, and Tuvalu in this year's edition of the Biennale. In the format of a structured conversation rather than a presentation on stage this event invites those interested and invested in the topic to take part in this open debate. Organised by the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (NTU CCA Singapore) under its Research & Education programme, this conversation aims to connect academic research with other forms of knowledge production. All details on the web site.